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Legal Services

SALCO provides advice, brief services, and/or legal representation in a various areas of poverty law, including:


Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Works

Old Age Security

Canada Pension Plan

Criminal Injuries Compensation(Basic Advice)

Employment Insurance

Human Rights(Advice only)

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board(Advice only)

Employment Law (Advice)

Family Law (Basic Advice)


Tenants Rights( Basic Advice only, no representation)


Domestic Violence (Advice)

Public Legal Education

SALCO provides public legal education in many areas of law, including those listed above. SALCO can come to community events, places of religious worship, community agencies, support groups, etc… to provide legal education.

Please contact us or complete the "Request for Legal Education" form to have us come and speak to you.

Other Types of Work

SALCO is involved in several community development and law reform initiatives on issues that impact the low-income South Asian community in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada.

We believe that a broad response to the problems that our clients face can have a greater impact in changing legislation, policy, and unfair practices.

SALCO also takes on test case work in poverty law, including two recent interventions at the Supreme Court of Canada.